Indochina Day 7-8: Sleepy town of Chiang Rai

Day 7 of my Indochina trip was spent on traveling from Siem Reap to Bangkok. I used the service of Giant Ibis again because I found them very efficient in handling the cross-country border aspect of the ride.  The whole ride took us around 8 hours. Also we did not have to change rides in…

Indochina Day 6: Siem Reap’s Grand Circuit

The grand circuit tour consists of lesser known temples in Siem Reap. While these temples are not as magnificent and overwhelming as the “Big Three”, they certainly have features that are unique to them. Most of them offer something that the other temples don’t. The best thing is that they do not attract huge crowds like the Big Three temples do.

My Upcoming Trip to Japan

My trip to Japan is right around the corner. It will be my first time in the country so I have been researching thoroughly on the sites and cities to visit. I will be staying for two weeks coming in to Tokyo and making my way down to Miyajima and stopping in 6 other cities and destinations.